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About: Dr. Deshana Bhisikar | Best Homeopathy Doctor in Baner

Discovered by German M.D. physician, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, Homeopathy has existed for more than 200 years! The most wonderful part of Homeopathy and its scope in the service of mankind is its ability to give relief in diseases such as cancer, kidney failure, tuberculosis, paralysis, Following are the benefits of Homeopathy:

A complete medical science

Homeopathy is a complete medical science that has a clear-cut advantage over other systems of Medicine. It considers the entire individual, his psychological and physical condition as well as the complete evolution of the disease while prescribing a remedy.

Cures the disease from its root

When treating a patient homeopathically, the person is treated as a whole, not just the disease. Therefore, when managing a person homeopathically, apart from the totality of the disease, the totality of the person as an individual is of equal importance. This leads to a permanent cure for the disease.
No side effects
Homeopathy is a side-effect-free treatment that is gentle on the constitution. Homeopathic remedies are derivatives of natural substances.
Safe and natural
Homeopathy is very safe, even for pregnant women and babies. Homeopathy treats individuals of all ages. Homeopathic medicines can be taken along with other medications without causing any adverse interactions or reactions. Homeopathic medicines do not lead to any drug dependency.

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