From Pain to Getting Relief: The Benefits of Homoeopathic Kidney Stone Treatment

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Kidney stones are a health condition that affects the kidney and affects one in 11 people. As per the best homoeopathy doctor in Baner, kidney stones are most common in men and they also occur due to dehydration. But you must feel good to hear that the treatment of the kidney is possible in today’s era. 

The kidney is painful when it passes out of the urine bladder and this varies in size from 10–14 cm in men and 9–13 cm in women. The most common symptoms of kidney stones include pain in the abdomen, stomach, and back, nausea, and vomiting. If you experience similar symptoms in your body parts, Homoeopathy Care is the ideal place to seek treatment. In this blog, we are sharing an in-depth guide to homeopathic kidney stone treatment in Baner

Some of the traditional methods used to treat kidney stones

For relief from kidney stone treatment, several traditional methods were practiced to treat this health issue in men and women. Some methods to alleviate kidney pain or discomfort include the use of NSAIDs, certain medications, hydration, lithotripsy, and surgery.

The following is a list of the traditional methods’ limitations.

  • Because of traditional methods, it is sometimes impossible to clear the kidney stones completely. 
  • Due to a lack of hygiene and necessary properties, the surgery leads to infection, bleeding, and damage. 
  • Surgery options can be expensive for normal people.
  • Sometimes a lack of treatment leads to serious conditions that affect organs.
  • It is not necessary that every treatment be perfectly suitable for an individual. 

Homoeopathy is your rescue treatment option for kidney stones.

Homoeopathy is a holistic approach in the medical field and this has changed the definition of painful surgery to painless treatment. This medicinal practice is a fusion of Ayurveda and innovative techniques that bring a non-invasive approach to well-being. Dr. Deshana is the homoeopathic doctor for Stone in Baner and she helps the patients with their homoeopathic medicines. She understands the severity of the problem and also assists in treating the kidney stone. 

Homoeopathy is a one-size-fits-all approach to health issues and also does not affect the person irrespective of their age, gender, or immune system. Here we listed more benefits of using homoeopathy to treat kidney problems. 

  • Individualised approach

Homoeopathy treatment is an individualised approach that targets physical, mental, and overall well-being. 

  • Minimal side-effects

Unlike contemporary methods of medicine, homoeopathy treatment has no side effects and does not even cause harm to any body parts. 

  • Potential pain relief

Homoeopathic treatment relieves pain by addressing the root cause and preventing the patient from suffering longer. 

  • Complementary approach

The benefits of homeopathy treatment go beyond treating kidney stone problems alone. Homeopathy, along with the existing health issues, improves immunity and well-being. 


Homoeopathy is an effective pain reliever that helps turn pain into pleasure. With the right approach and the collaborative efforts of the best homoeopathy doctor in Baner, you can keep the kidney stone issue at bay. 

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